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Who We Are

Small Ruminants Production Association of Nigeria (SRUPAN) is an agricultural based organization for production of small ruminant animals, Incoporated in Nigeria. SRUPAN has an experienced personnels in Animal production and health couple with their skillful managerial approach to Agricultural economy. An Organization with Information and Communication Technology (ICT) based Agriculture; digitalization in the small ruminants production.
We have started a pilot project in Bauchi, Yobe and Borno State's were we have our Registered members across All their 54 LGAs. And we are planning to cover all the 36 states and the FCT.
We help small holder farmers of small ruminants getting an access to soft loan and other inputs necessary through our liaison with Central Bank of Nigeria and other relevant Stake Holders thereby improving quality and quantity of produce with application of best small ruminants production practices.

How it Works


Apply for loan

You can apply for our Ancho Brower Program by clicking here or through our local government coordinators or agents


Application review

Your application will be reviewed and forward it to CBN for verification.


Data Capturing

After successful verification by CBN, our coordinators will contact you for further data capturing


Economic of Production Meeting

You will be invited to attend the General Economic of Production (EOP) Meeting to discus about prices of inputs to be delivered


Delivery & Disbursement

At this stage the inputs will be delivered to Produce Aggregation center (PAC) for disbursement to the beneficiaries



The loan shall be repaid with the farm produce that shall be mandatorily delivered to our collection centers in line with the agreement signed


What we offer for you

Agricultural Loans

We gives loans of agricultural inputs either in cash or in kind to Small Holder Farmers (SHF)
Capacity Building
We deliver capacity Building to the farmers for modern small ruminants production technique
Programs Development and implementation

We also initiate and develop certain programs to the SHFs relating to sheep and goats production such as vaccination programs and Agricultural production value chain.
Extension Services

We render effective agricultural extension services to the SHFs in collaborations with relavant qualified institutes/organizations.
Monitoring & supervision

We will give efficient monitoring that will facilitate the efficiency, raising in production of animals and facilitate full evacuation.
Digital Data Capture

We are professional in Electronic data Capturing, processing, and storage; the information is either collected by our agent or through the online source.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Small ruminant animals is an efficient way to produce good income as well as nutritious food for humans, also provide Manure for crop farming.

  2. Every crop small holder farmer have to be involved in small ruminants production to ensure proper utilization of his farm by-products such as weeds, offals, rice/wheat strow, And all grains brand etc

  3. It takes teamwork and a solid commitment to good communication, excellence to serve in excellent manner.

  4. We take pride in the solutions we deliver, our Attitude, our unique ability, our experience, quality, and as well as content management solution.

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